Lupin Guitars

European Wood Instruments

We build the finest string instruments exclusively made of European wood. Each instrument is skilfully handmade, perfectly balanced and graced with exquisite details. Lupin instruments essentially offer five chordophone categories: Classical Guitars, Steel string guitars, Electric guitars, Historical/folk instruments and Ukuleles.

Our workshop is located in Söderbärke, Sweden.

Come and visit us!


Our brand shares huge concerns about massive deforestation effects, such as the loss of trees, vegetation, crops, desertification and soil erosion, as well as the increasing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, and those effects over the life of indigenous people.

Lupin Instruments just sound better!

You can follow my facebook or instagram accounts to have an easier feed of my works.

5 thoughts on “Lupin Guitars

  1. I am quite satisfied with the viola I purchased.
    An extraordinary sound and a construction of excellent quality.

    Congratulations Lupine,
    good job


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