Lupin Guitars

We build handmade guitars with European woods, our company is located in Söderbärke, Sweden. Expecting something from the woods we work with is a very pleasant adventure. We love to share it with the musicians that look for our instruments and see what do they find in our work.


We focus all attention on the acoustic quality of the instruments, seeking a balance between care for the environment and the achievement of quality instruments. We do not engage in the destruction of rain-forests and we work slowly. We use wood whose logging distance to the workshop is as small as possible, not exceeding the European continent as a geographical limit.

The techniques applied in the construction of the instruments follow the traditional methods. The preparation and cutting of the wood is done with machines, and the rest of the process is made entirely by hand.

The varnish is made by applying shellac and natural oils in every instruments.
You can follow my facebook or instagram accounts to have an easier feed of my works.

5 thoughts on “Lupin Guitars

  1. I am quite satisfied with the viola I purchased.
    An extraordinary sound and a construction of excellent quality.

    Congratulations Lupine,
    good job


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