This is what you should read if you want to order a guitar:

All guitars are made using only European woods. I build plucked instruments that you can find find in the gallery. To order an instrument half of the defined value must be paid in order to buy the necessary material. The date of this first payment defines the entrance in the waiting list and the warranty that the guitar price will be the defined on that date. The remaining payment should be made when the guitar is finished. No shipping costs included in the prices.

For this, you have a contact area where you should explain what are you looking. After the first contact we´ll define what is the final design and woods for you instrument.

The guitars have a 5 years warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship. If any defect is detected I should be informed as fast as possible so that the returning and a diagnosis can be made. The owner is responsible for the shipping costs. If the detected defect results from materials or workmanship, the repairing or substitution of the guitar will occur without any costs for the owner. If it results from sudden differences of humidity or temperature or neglect handling, the repairing or substitution will be charged to the owner.

You have 6 days to return an instrument. The instrument should be returned in the same conditions it has been send. I can accept to keep it and to return the total amount of the money on the moment that the instrument is resold. For customized (customization that change a lot the standard models) instruments I can keep the guitar for a maximum time of one year and a half, if it is not resold until there, then it will be returned without refund.

Contact me if you are interested in buying a guitar and we can define the characteristics (wood, hardware, customization or other things you have in mind) and the price of it. I focus on creating relations instead of building/selling guitars, so I would prefer to find the best solutions for me and you rather then telling you the price and leave to your decisions. So tell me what are you’re intentions, for example:

  • are you a professional, student, lover or collector?
  • you’ll use the guitar for concerts, home practicing, teaching?
  • what budget do you have?
  • would you prefer to exchange for any service or material?
  • any other issues that come to your mind… Bring me your ideas, I’ll like it for sure!

We’ll get to a good solution for both of us. Go to the contact form and send it to me.

Thank you for your time.